ZAMBEZI Twin Drawer with fridge slide platform – LC75/79 Meano D/Cab no bed ext


Product Size(s):

Drawer pack width: 435mm
Drawer pack length: 1430mm
Drawer pack depth: 220mm
Overall height: 265mm
Tub width: 1000mm
Tub length: 1500mm

1. Designed for use in LDV’s
2. Made to fit the vehicle loadbay perfectly
3. Roller Bearings provide an extremely rugged design
4. Side panels removable to access additional wheelarch packing space.
5. Integral top sliding surface—ideal for mounting a fridge
6. Lockable.
7. Dividers and plastic trays are available.
8. Available with for Double or Extra Cab

Made from: Lasercut Galvanised sheet steel
Top Surface: 12mm Superwood, Carpeted
Configuration: Twin, equal, side by side
Finish: Carpeted
Sliders: Roller bearings
Carrying weight: 200kg per drawer

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Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 150 × 101 × 28 cm