RacksBrax Easy Hitch Sets

100% Australian made and Australian owned

RacksBrax is an Australian family business which embodies a deep love for camping and 4WDing. Years of exploration have imparted the wisdom of memorable adventures.

Why choose RacksBrax? It’s about simplifying pre and post-adventure routines, from packing to unpacking, therefore avoiding rooftop gear blunders. The fast release hitch emerges as the solution, conceived from the necessity for hassle-free setups and teardowns.

At RacksBrax, the goal is to infuse every adventure with excitement and convenience. The focus lies in innovating Australian-made products for the 4WD, caravan, and camping community, seamlessly complementing existing gear. Quality and safety serve as cornerstones for RacksBrax designs, meticulously crafted rigorously field-tested to meet their exacting standards – all proudly manufactured in Australia.

Embrace the outdoors with RacksBrax’s fast and easy hitch sets – your seamless adventure awaits.