ZAMBEZI Commercial Twin Drawer (2000×1000) -Carpet top


An extremely robust storage system ideally suited for use in an LDV where the environment is likely to be dusty.

This twin drawer has a solid CARPETED top loading surface and is supplied without the side panels

The drawers run on sealed roller bearings and are capable of carrying over 150kg per drawer. The drawers are carpeted inside and on top, have a carpeted face and are lockable.

An extremely popular option amongst tradesman who need something nice and robust to lock away tools.

Two standard height “wolfpaks” (without lids) will fit in each drawer with some space to spare. The drawers can also be supplied with wedge in dividers and/or plastic “meat trays” to simplify your packing.

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 150 × 110 × 28 cm
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