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Standalone Rear Roof Shelf to suit Toyota LandCruiser LC100 / LC105 [Type: Rear Handles Downwards]


Standalone Rear Roof Shelf to suit Toyota LandCruiser LC100 & LC105 

It’s an unwritten rule: the more you go camping, the more stuff you seem to acquire. We get it, the gadgets and toys are half the fun, but when space is tight it’s tricky to find the room to pack anything other than the essentials. Our Standalone Rear Roof Shelf helps you get organised, with a secure place to store smaller, lightweight items that so often end up chaotically floating around the back of the car. So you can pack more of the creature comforts you love, without worrying about where on earth you’re going to put them. 

PLEASE NOTE: The KAON Barrier is compatible with this shelf, but is not required to mount it. To mount this Standalone Shelf with the KAON Light Cargo Barrier, you will need the Barrier Adaptor Bracket, find it here

The Standalone Rear Roof Shelf may not fit if you already have another third-party cargo barrier installed in your vehicle. 



  • Less packing headaches – make clever use of your vehicle’s most underutilised space: its vertical height. 
  • A real workhorse – the standalone shelf holds a surprising amount of gear.
  • Hidden out of the way – slimline design for storage of lightweight items without compromising visibility out the rear window. 
  • Easy, fuss-free DIY install – mounts using the rear grab handle points, with no drilling into your car’s interior.
  • Adjustable to suit you – with adjustable height and backwards/forwards settings. 
  • Customisable foundation – simplifies mounting accessories, with M5 mounting holes and cutouts to suit MOLLE storage system products. 
  • Two bottle openers – so you’ve always got one right next to your fridge setup.
  • Made to last – precision laser cut and pressed steel, powder coated in a textured matt black finish that is hard-wearing and looks great. 
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