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Solar Recharble LED Light / Bluetooth Speaker


This UFO light design will illuminate any occasion while adding music all through the evening. It is flexible for any situation!

The UFO works day and night with solar panels for renewable energy as well as a wall plug for quick charging. Each light section is also detachable for personal use.

UFO Solar rechargeable LED camping light with Bluetooth speaker has built-in rechargeable Li-on battery 10400mAh, it has both USB and solar charging and support power bank is ideal for Leisure lighting needs, such as outdoor camping, party, etc.

This lamp has 1 main lamp and 3 portable side lamps. With total lumen output up to 1000lm, it is great to light your outdoor activities. It comes with adjustable steel tripod up to 2.2M high. Its portable Bluetooth speaker is attached to the lamp by magnet, it has built-in Li-on battery (1100mAh), duration time up to 3hrs, ideal for your outdoor leisure time.

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