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BunduAwn Side walls


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Hanging side panel with Velcro edges and vinyl base strip for pegging down.

Please note that we recommend poles to be added when using side panels to support the weight of the panel. Even though poles are not required when using the awning only. Poles are not included with awning or panel purchase.

Available in grey and olive.


2.45m This panel fits the long side of the Bundutec 2.45 awnings and is made from Non Aluminised Ripstop Canvas to match the Bundutec Awnings.

2.95m This panel fits the long side of the Bundutec 2.95 awnings and is made from Non Aluminised Ripstop Canvas to match the Bundutec Awnings.

3.30m This panel fits the triangular end of the Bundutec awnings and is made from Non Aluminised Ripstop Canvas to match the Bundutec Awnings.

3.30m Long side triangular roof extension. This is to add on to the triangular end of the Bundutec awnings. It extends out to make the end of the awning square and provide additional shade when required. Please note that a pole and rope will be required (Not supplied).
The extension is manufactured from the same aluminised reflective canvas as the awning is.


All awnings  made with quality Riptech™/Aluminised and carry a 2 Year Warranty*

Riptech/Aluminised was created by using Riptech300 and coating the one side with a silver resin. The silver side must face towards to the sun in order to redirect as much heat away from the underside of the material. This material is waterproof.

This material can be used for awnings, tents, gazebos, tarps, with the purpose of reflecting heat and keeping you cool. This material can make a difference in temperature of up to 5 degrees Celsius.

*2 YEAR WARRANTY – This applies to the entire range of RIPTECH™ fabrics. The fabric is guaranteed for a period of two years, during which it covers any abnormal deterioration of the waterproofing properties and general structural integrity of the fabric, given a normal exposure to weather and in the case that care and cleaning advices summarised in this document have been properly followed. The warranty includes the replacement of the fabric required to replace the product in question, excluding other expenses such as postage, sewing, labour and / or assembly.This warranty does not cover damages caused by accidents, mechanical action, rubbing, chemical aggressive agents, abuse and / or negligence.This warranty is applied from the date of the assembly of the product and any claim must be accompanied with the installers receipt and relevant roll number stating that the fabric used was RIPTECH™.

Important advice about poles

Although the awnings can be used without poles, they still require the ropes to be tied down to prevent flipping over from wind gusts. Poles are recommended to be added for extra strength in heavier weather conditions.

Watch the review by Stefan from All Off Road regarding the optional addition of poles.

YouTube video

Canvas Specifications​

PropertiesSpecificationsTest Methods
Coating:Silver Resin0
Construction:Woven Ripstop0
Weight (gms):310±5%0
Width (cm):1750
Tensile Strength (N): Warp>1600BS 13934-1:1999
Weft>1400BS 13934-1:1999
Water Penetration (mm):>800ISO 811
Colour Fastness to Light (Blue Wool Scale):7ISO 105-B04
Colour Fastness to Rubbing (Grey Scale):4ISO 105-x12
Fungal Resistance:PASSActi-Chem M/L 13
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2.45m, 2.95m, 3.30 Long Side, 3.30m, 4 Panel Kit